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Reusable Straws: Metal or Bamboo

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Reusable Straws: Metal or Bamboo
Reusable Straws: Metal or Bamboo Bamboo straws: 145mm and 215mm Bamboo straws: 145mm and 215mm Metal straws: both 145mm and 215mm Metal angled straw 215mm

Love straws but don’t want the single-use plastic? Choose between a bamboo or metal reusable straw that can be kept on you at all times. Available to buy individually or as a pack! #noexcuseforsingleuse

Bamboo Small: Length: 145mm Diameter: 10mm (aprox)

Bamboo Large: Length: 215mm Diameter: 10mm (aprox)

Metal Small: Length: 145mm Diameter: 6mm

Metal Large: Length:  215mm Diameter: 8mm

Why Make the Switch?

There are approximately 8.5 billion single-use plastic straws used annually in the UK, making them one of the top 10 pieces of debris found on our beaches and coastlines. Many UK businesses are identifying this impact and removing plastic straws from their establishments. If you prefer to use a straw, why not invest in a reusable one?

Directions for use:

Just like any other straw... only you can use it again and again!

Product end-of-life disposal:

If for some reason you want to dispose of your metal drinking straw, recycle with metals at your local recycling facility. Bamboo straws can be composted or recycled.

Product Material

Stainless Steel



Brand Information

ecostrawz is a UK brand producing high-quality drinking straws and accessories in an effort to urge consumers toward sustainable lifestyles.

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