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OrganiCup OrganiCup

OrganiCup is the award-winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons.

Why Make the Switch?

Take a moment to think about how many sanitary pads or tampons you use each year... Approximately 50% of the population use comparable amounts of sanitary products resulting in a major plastic problem. Did you know about 90% of the materials used to make sanitary pads are plastic and include polyethene? Now think about the money you spend on these items that may pollute the Earth for hundreds of years. OrganiCup provides a hygienic and practical solution for an environmentally friendly period that will save you money along the way. OrganiCup can contain 3 times more than pads and tampons, which means most people just need to empty it morning and evening.

Directions for use:

Simply fold the OrganiCup and insert. OrganiCup will unfold and be secured in place by a light vacuum. Leave in place for up to 12 hours, remove and empty into the toilet. Rinse and repeat.

Product Material

100% medical grade silicone.
Cotton drawstring bag.

Brand Information

"We believe no woman should be held back by her body. We believe period products should not contain harmful chemicals nor absorb natural bodily secretions, resulting in infections. Periods should not be the cause of major pollution. And they should never, ever be a source of shame."

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