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Founding Eco Heart: A bit about Gemma.

Founding Eco Heart: A bit about Gemma.

My name is Gemma Williams and late last year I founded Eco Heart, a business concept born out of pure passion. I always knew I wanted to start a business, I can’t quite explain it but I have always just known that I have it in me to create and nurture something great. When I say ‘great’, don’t mistake this as extreme ambition for prestige and profit. For me, ‘something great’ translates to a small movement or a close community that comes from a product of my labour. Before becoming familiar with the zero-waste phenomenon my passion was channelled into travel and tourism sector, so much so that I dedicated four years of my life to tourism education. It was toward the end of my Tourism Management degree that videos started emerging that evidenced a huge problem: a plastic problem. I have always been sensitive to seeing fauna in distress, many of the videos and photos exhibited turtles, seabirds, whales and seals experiencing harm due to discarded plastic in the ocean.  If you haven’t seen any of these through social media take a look here and here (how do turtles even get these things up their nostrils?!).
When I was fifteen I went vegetarian, and for the past three years I have been happily vegan. For me, I think my aspiration to become ‘zero-waste’ has been a natural progression within this lifestyle of mine: influenced greatly by the availability of relevant media on the internet (and various single-use plastics in turtle's nostrils). I started my slow journey to zero-waste in September 2017 and the following month I met with a business advisor to discuss my ambition to open a travel agency crossed with a café. After this meeting I realised I was at a crossroad. I was forced to confront where my passion would take me. And then… Blue Planet 2 happened.  It didn’t take much to decide that I was meant to pursue this ‘zero-waste’ over travel sales. Pretty much straight away I invested time and money into Eco Heart. For the whole final semester of my degree I was impatient to launch Eco Heart to help like-minded people live an eco-friendly lifestyle with ease and convenience. Finally the time has come around to put my work to the test. I am so excited to see Eco Heart grow and hope that it is able to achieve its mission and vision.

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Aug 11, 2018 • Posted by Tanya Humphrey

Well where do I start , Wow just Wow . Gemma I am so proud of you my love , You have done the world a lot of good doing this . I want to wish you all the best in your venture and hope you create a better world for us xxxx


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